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How MP3s Work. Here's how to copy songs from a CD to iTunes: Advertisement. Open the iTunes application. Insert the CD in the drive. ITunes will retrieve song information from the CD, if you're connected to the Internet. In any case, a message box will open asking if you want to import the CD. Click Yes to import all of the songs. Click No if you only want to import some of the songs. If you clicked No , clear the check boxes for the songs you don't want. Click Import CD.

Rename a song or album in your iTunes library

Wait while iTunes imports each song a progress bar appears at the bottom of the screen [source: Apple Support ]. Select File from the toolbar. A drop down menu will appear. Select the entire folder or the files you'd like to add to the iTunes library [source: Apple Support ]. Choose Sharing from the System Preferences menu of the target Mac. I do not let iTunes organize folders as you have no control over the folder layout and quite frankly it makes a mess of things.

It is contrary to the way everything else organizes it and if you use other players, the organization it uses does not play nice. In Album view, it works fine.

Managing Files

I think just possibly what some people are missing here is a very simple but admittedly easily overlooked thing: namely, that a song or album must actually be downloaded to your computer in order to be allowed to be edited. Hope this helps. Same problem here on Mac book pro. Was able to change the permissions in name only.

It says i can read and write now but still am not able to make any changes at all. You guys need to wash your damn dishes and pick up your cloths, because there are tracks floating all over the place.

How can we help?

They have drawers to be in, but no, if I want socks, I may as well check under the refrigerator. You dig? This issue started happening when I updated, a few days ago, finally after months of receiving alerts to update. Can someone help please?

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  • How To Rename Music Files from iTunes the Easy Way [Windows].

This almost worked for me… but the stupid read-only keeps getting re-checked. Did all the steps for Mac, including each individual artist and folder and still cannot change info. Oh, actually it did work!

Rename multiple items

The Read Only option remains, somehow, enabled, tho. I have changed the permission in every folder within the Music folder and including the Music folder, but I still can not change an artist name. Anyone have any other solutions? Thank you so much!

How to rename a file on Mac

This fixed my problem. I thought I corrected all my permissions, but I had missed one higher up in the chain. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Close iTunes and do one of the following based on your operating system. Wait until the attributes are applied to your files. You may be prompted for credentials for an administrator account. Open iTunes and see if you can modify your music files now. You may have to apply security permissions to the folder as well. Now follow steps 1 through 6 again. Thanks for the information.

How to rename multiple files on your Mac

My iMac and iTunes are now fully functional; again…. This did not work for me. ITunes keeps changing the information back from what I entered. Thank you very much! Very clear instruction which is much appreciated : Thanks again! Thank you so much. Such a simple fix to a problem that has been driving me mad for some time! That worked for me. Thank you for posting this.

Thank you for your explanation on how to add artwork to iTunes. It was so simple due to you. Had tried everything else! Intriguing… Thanks, anyway! Thanks for the solution. The only detailed one that made sense and worked for me. Did this help? Let us know! Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.