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Thankfully, you can still watching Blu-ray movies on a Mac with either of these solutions:. If you're looking for a simple program to just get the job done with a minimum of fuss without a sacrifice of image and audio quality, Mac Blu-ray Player will deliver what you want. It works fine on Blu-ray disks of multiple regions, and plays back Blu-ray with menu support on Mac. There are advanced controls for tweaking the viewing and sound of videos so you can get the best movie-going experience.

When you have everything ready, it's time to play Blu-ray in Mac. You just insert the BD disc into the drive, and launch the program, click the "Open Disc" option on the interface to load Blu-ray movie, and you're good to go.

Part 2. 5 Best Professional Windows and Mac Blu-ray Player Free Download

During the playback of Blu-ray, you're able to change playing settings, including the audio track and subtitles of the movie, audio channel, track of video and aspect ratio. Ripping a Blu-ray and save its content to digital movie files could take you some time, but you will get more flexibly when handle the result files—you can watch them on your computer, streaming to a TV, or import them into iTunes and sync with iPad for viewing on the go.

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Blu-ray Converter is what we will use in this article. There are many people who think that apple is shunning the concept of optical drive altogether and this indicates that there are clearly no chances of Blu-ray support for Mac in the future. However, it may not be true.

Even if we talk about downloading from iTunes, we must remember that there are many countries, even in Europe, where this option is not available. So, hard media is going to stay with us anyway. While Mac users look forward to any positive news, Macgo has already changed history.

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Mac users can now enjoy the much praised Bluray quality right on their Mac screens. Mac Blu-ray Player is a unique universal player. Not only it is compatible with both PC and Mac, it can also support nearly every video and audio format. So, finally all the prayers of Mac users have been answered and Blu-ray experience had made its way to their screens.

How to watch Blu-ray movies on your Mac

The first and best Blu-ray media player for Mac. As I know that it is the first Blu-ray player that can support both PC system. Also, it can playback any Blu-ray discs successfully as well as DVD.

With nice layout and interface, it supports background-changing. It keeps the outputting video with the high-definition quality. Now it can support DTS5. This make Mac Blu-ray Player even better. Via its share function, you can share the movie with friends and family or post my suggestions or reviews about the movie to Facebook or Twitter.

Designed for Ease of Use

Outstanding universal performance. Play anything including movie, video, audio, music and photo.

It can not only play HD Blu-ray movies, but also support any formats of movie, video, audio, music and photo you have ever seen. Adding DTS5. With beautiful layout and handy operation, Macgo Blu-ray Player can bring fantastic Blu-ray enjoyment to you. HD DVD debate are most welcome to be a part of us. Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player is an amazing video player.. Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player has many kinds of features.

With blu-ray player solve my problems perfectly. Mac Blu-ray Player for Windows has many functions now.. Ah, What a practical Blu-ray Player! It brings me enjoyable vision enjoy.

Mac Bluray Player for Windows

My mo vie history grow with Mac Bluray Player for Mac. Highly recommended.. I bought this player on a Thanksgiving discount feeling that the loading is fast and the HD picture quality is gre at,too. Several days ago I updated it to 2. So I highly recommend this reasonably-priced player to all of you guys,it's just worth it. It's incredible an awesome experience, cool interface, better video management. And also support many type of Media files.

I am a fan of Mac bluray palyer.