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Consequently, you may still prefer using another extraction method on the original movie, in order to yield a liberated version of your content unencumbered with such restrictions.

Copy DVD's to iTunes - Apple Community

Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! Mentioning this in case somebody else finds this answer but has a non-Disney disc; i. Movie DRM is a horrible thing - it's a sad fact that your best option is probably to torrent a HD h copy of the movie, and just feel OK about it because you paid for the physical media - even though you can't do anything with it.

I don't even know a way to install Rosetta to Lion - system binaries are no longer "Fat" so even if the installer could be fooled it will probably not work. Macs are a bit dumb when it comes to this stuff. Now it will load. I know Chris already gave this answer, but his second instruction of "In the left navigation area, select the disc.

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Viewed 7k times. I just want to watch Disney Pixar's Up on my iPad.

How to Rip DVDs and Add Them to Your iTunes Library

Steve Moser Steve Moser 5, 20 20 gold badges 69 69 silver badges bronze badges. I had the same issue and solved it as follows: Launch iTunes. Put the disc in your Mac's DVD drive. In the left navigation area, select the disc.

You should see a page on the right asking you to Enter Code. Enter the unique activation code that came with your copy of Up! Authenticate with your iTunes credentials, when prompted. Assumption: You have an iTunes account, a working Internet connection, and your Digital Copy code is valid, not expired, and not yet redeemed.

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After authenticating with iTunes the service , iTunes the program will proceed to copy the now-authorized movie content from your Up! Find the new title in your "Movies" library. All the details, including screenshots, can be found at: Apple Support - Transferring or downloading an iTunes Digital Copy. Summary: DRM is still a horrible thing, even with the workaround above. Website - optional.

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    Convert DVD using Mac OSX Handbrake and VLC

    Remove Copy Protection. Author: Damien. Damien has written post s on AppDucate.

    Part 2. How to Convert DVD to MP4 with VLC Mac

    Reply May 29, at am. Peter Neslon. Handbrake is my favorite dvd ripping software. Reply July 31, at pm. Leave a Comment. Scott macmartin. William McDonald.