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It either misses or ejects the fruit. On the right-hand side of the screen is a red smiley face. That switches to "easy mode" that gives you a guide to hitting the seeds. Sanderella Minnow Posts. Re:return to mysterious island 2 by Sanderella on Jul 10, 09 PM. If the circle is too small, the nut won't crack. If the circle is too wide, you'll miss. Cynnyv Sea Anemone 3 Posts. Re:return to mysterious island 2 by Cynnyv on Jul 10, 09 PM. Hi need help really stuck. Can calm the snake but don't see the medical plant to get from behind him.

Also I used the stick on the hornet nest but I can not get anywhere after that. You don't need a stick for this, just the flute thinger. When you have the hornets nest on the stick, go to the windmill to get the jaguar to leave so you can get back to Mina who's hiding in the windmill. Thanx Sanderella but how do I get the hornet nest to the jaguar. After I hit the nest and get out of the tree and go to the jaguar right as I get there it has Jeb being attacked by the bees!

Daxxx Seahorse 24 Posts. Re:return to mysterious island 2 by Daxxx on Jul 10, 09 PM. The first time I poked the hornets nest, I had to get Jeb to run to the small lake. Then I went back and hooked the nest on the stick and brought it to the Jaguar and scared him away. By the way, check the broken nest and find a larvae to pick up. The meat eating ants were easy to get and "stitch" her leg once I figured out you have to place the ant on the wound and when it changes shape, to click on it to remove it's head.

Then finish up stitching up her leg with the rest of the ants in the same manner and give her a clean bandage. Anyway, now I am stuck with all the other questions everyone else asked. I don't know what to do about the turtle or how to save the poor monkey stuck on the post. I also don't know how to make or find a larger stick for the plant in the small pool.

Return to Mysterious Island 2 Walkthrough part 2

I'm thinking once I can get her to leave the windmill, she may help me but how do I restore her health? Oh and what about the hole in the ground where the nutcracking took place? I don't know how to look down into it Pleeeaaaze lol great game but I am getting a bit frustrated now.

Cynnyv, try moving faster between the hornets nest and the jaguar.

Return to Mysterious Island 2 Walkthrough iPhone/iPad Part 1 - Vidéo dailymotion

Go up the shelf and out the passage. Look up at the shelf where you meet Slugger and Amber. Walk up to the sawmill and go right to the large kiln. On your way, pick up the eye piece and coconut. Look at the pool that is now a geyser. If you have already made the pipe from the rifle continue on to the workshop. Put the violet glass shards into the crucible and put it into the kiln to melt.

Pull the rope on the bellows. From inventory, get the metal pipe and put it into the melted glass and watch the glass be blown. Check your documents and see how to make glass. Put the vase of hydrated lime into the kiln to get quick lime. Look at the mixer and see that two bulbs are missing. We have a purple bulb but we also need a pink one. Look around the motor room and go down the hall to where the ovoids are. Look at the face on the left. See the pink fog under the green fog.

Go back to the mixer and put the pink bulb on the end of the mixer. Take Jep's sample back to the mixer and put in the machine. Turn the wheel on the pink or magenta bulb. Save game here. Choose one of the endings and see what happens. Go back and choose the other ending. Posted by: Kero August 20, PM. Am loving this game, just like the first and am already stuck Need help, please!

Click to raise his arm just to his ear. Click again and watch the circle around the nut. When it turns green, click again to crack the nut. I can read that for myself, just can't seem to get it accomplished. So, tell me the deal about the snake and the split in the tree??? Go up the kiln and get the flute thing. Go back to the snake and play the flute. The snake will stand up and you can grab the flowers.

Dracula 3 - The Path of the Dragon

What split tree are you talking about? Once you put the ant on the wound starting at the top, quickly click on the ant again to make it stitch. One click to place the ant, another click to make it close the wound. Did you take the ones you put in by the laser?

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If not, go and get them. They may help. If not, you may have to start that part over. I learned to save often and in different slots. I must be a complete moron because I am stuck already. Jep has saved Mina from drowning and must now help her with her leg wound. I can't find anything to pick up or anywhere to walk to. Just the two of them sitting and looking at each other.

Stuck again.

The Ocarina and Austral Thyme. Yes Jep clean and dirty has tried playing to the snake and it will NOT sit up. Is there a trick to this.. How to get Jep across the spillway checking depth with bamboo stick? He has moved forward once and I have found another shallow spot but he will not move forward again. Must the pole be on an exact spot to trigger the movement?

The cursor does not change to "forward". For the snake You may have to come back later to make him stand up. It took me two tries before he would stand up. You may have to wait until Mina says she needs and antiseptic. Im stuck on the code for fixing the 1st robot, you say but dont know how to enter it.

Press the corresponding button on the control panel". I can't get Jep to climb the cliff where the birds are! I even tried sending him up there with the rope.. How do I pick up the empty ovoid to give it to Mina or Jeb? When I put my curser on it, it has a red mark through it. I cannot pick it up.

What am I doing wrong? I'm stuck with the circuit board.. Exactly what numbers do we enter? Rather than figuring it out I wasn't good at maths. I'm stuck at the Kiln with 12 vases. I can't find the bellows string. Can anyone help please. I've started three times incase I went badly wrong somewhere but still can't get the kiln hot enough!