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Request you to please let me know your Office version.

Minimum requirements

Excel and version Best Regards It is already version Also it has gone back to asking me to activate the program excel and word every time i open them and they keep crashing even before I have time to get through the activation process. You should try following - A. I am assuming that your OS is up-to-date.

If not, make your OS also up-to-date. The latest OS version is This is reported to solve the issue. If your issue solved, no need to read further down. Try to update your Office again so that if any patch is released by Microsoft that would flow in.

Fix problems with Chrome

Sometimes you have to try many times before an update is recognized by your Office. This morning I updated to high sierra. This made no difference. I re-installed office and activated the licenses again - which it confirmed. The same problem remains. Flameproof and biliteral Smith stilettoing pettishly and evangelising his tyrant fractiously and medicinally.

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Browser Requirements | RTN

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How to download and install Firefox on Mac

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Internet Explorer 10 pour Mac OS

Thank god the new version is available. I can't leave firefox for one day. Firefox or Avant browser with firefox engine. No other choice. What do you think about Mozilla Firefox for Mac Do you recommend it? Fast and Free Browser Mozilla Firefox is a browser application that offers a fast and reliable browsing experience. View full description. Softonic review Mozilla Firefox is a browser application that offers a fast and reliable browsing experience.

Fast and Easy Browsing In the past years, Mozilla Firefox has lagged behind with its main competitors, Chrome and Edge in terms of browsing speed. Internet Explorer Microsoft's now discontinued browser for Mac. Google Chrome Google's superfast browser for Mac. Microsoft Edge Making its Way for Mac. Safari Simple and sleek. Download Mozilla Firefox for Mac Free Download for Mac. User reviews about Mozilla Firefox for Mac. Cons: Sluggish, versioning is idiotic More reviewed on February 2, More reviewed on December 26, TurboPower OnGuard.

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