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سعر و مواصفات Generic Arabic Keyboard Cover for MacBook Air-Pro Retina Mac 13 15 17" - Silver من jumia في مصر. قارن الاسعار و اشتري اونلاين الان.

You were always there for him, and he was always happy that you were. You two were the closest friends, but that didn't mean you weren't crushing on him as well. Every time you'd see him, your heart skipped a small beat while a little blush spread across your cheeks.

Each time you got the chance to watch him train, you would gawk over how well You had to admit, his muscles were just gorgeous, his hair was stunning, his eyes were just so beautiful and hard to not look at. Everything about Little Mac was amazing. You lightly squealed to yourself while walking down the sidewalk, quite excited to be ab.

Little Mac - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate -

Cuddles and Cute Smiles Little Giga Mac x Reader A feminine body cuddles close to a toned, masculine one, seeming to enjoy each others warmth and embrace as if they were snuggling up to heat up from the cold winter weather. You weren't really sure how you and Mac turned up to be snuggling together on his bed. First, it was you two having a pillow fight, now it was you two cuddling and snuggling on his bed without a care in the world. Lets just say, when you two pillow fought for vengeance and victory, Little Mac had had it and suddenly tackled you onto his bed, making you suddenly yelp from surprise and land beneath it, which caused Mac to sort of land on top of you and chuckle, of course.

You felt a blush creep up beneath your cheeks from how close you were to him, since you in fact had a crush on him. Mac just grinned towards you and decided to situate himself after a while of just laying on top of his bed. Once he was situated comfortably, he just ended up embracing you in his strong arms, snuggling you close to his body like ther. Boxer's Love Little Mac x Boxer! You opened your eyes, seeing a blurry figure right on top of you. As soon as your vision cleared, you can recognize him as your boxing partner, Little Mac.

You could feel your face start to heat up since he was so close to you.

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He chuckled at your cute state and caressed your cheek. Both your lips were about a few inches apart, feeling his breath onto your lips and making you blush a deeper crimson. He smirked slightly and came just a tad closer to your face. Get up, it's time for training! You yelped and sat up, about to punch someone. When you realized your punch was blocked by a hand, you looked up to see it was Doc, you.

Safety - Fatherly! Doc x Reader x Little Mac "Did they hurt you? Apparently, a couple of muggers decided to go up to you, punch you, and steal some money off of you while you were walking back to Doc, Mac and your place. You just knew the New York streets weren't always the safest parts Now, when you had come back, with a few bruises on your face and arms, Doc quickly came to your aid, asking so many questions, like, "What happened!?

Always by your side, protecting you, hugging you, loving you, he was really the best dad you could ever have. Spending Winter With You - Little Mac x Reader You looked out of the window, watching the snowflakes pour down slowly and relaxing like, making the whole ground become a pure white color.

You loved this time of year, it was the best in your opinion. People decorating for the holidays, spending time with loved ones, gifts, shopping, there was just so much going on! You couldn't help but let out a small sigh and smile, continuing to watch the snow come down beneath the window.

Suddenly, you felt a pair of strong arms hug you from behind, making you squeal suddenly in surprise. Besides, I had to get your attention to give you hot chocolate. What is it, Doc? I need you to come by for a while Doc went on to open it and smiled at you, pulling you in for a hug. Glad you could make it so quickly!


You then looked around to find that Mac was no where to be seen. You said something about Mac. Where is he? Did something happen? Looking at you with a somewhat nervous smile. Reader Part 4 Once you all made it back to your room, Mac kept a hold of you, causing you to blush again. No biggy. Nice work you two. Don't wanna see them get infected. You both nodded to Doc and headed to your rooms while Doc went to his room to eat his chocolate bars.

Once you entered your room, you looked into your cabinets to try and find any medical supplies. Only to find none. You sighed in irritation, cursing at yourself for not grabbing any. Reader Part 3 After you both showered, you put on your bra and panties and headed out to the lockers. You walked there and opened up your locker to get your fresh clothes. Meanwhile, Mac came out with a pair of boxers on.

Right when he finished drying his hair with a towel, he caught a glimpse of your half naked form, making him blush crimson again and look away. You heard some noise and looked back to see Mac in just his boxers, making you blush crimson like him and look away. You didn't know that Mac thought the same thing to you. After you both put your boxing clothes back on, you headed to the main room where Doc was.

Doc smiled once he saw you two come out. You jumped up and said in confidence, "Hell yeah I'm ready!

Arcade Roms

I just want to beat those suckers up already! Reader Part 2 Once you made it to your training room, you left the door open ajar and went straight into training.

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  • Bruises (Little Mac X Reader)!
  • First, you stretched your body out a few times then went straight to the punching bag. You would always picture the bag as Don Flamenco, since he mainly loves to flirt with you whenever you two fought, and you hated that guy with a passion. Once you set it up, you got in front of it, positioned your punching posture and began punching the bag over and over, the punches getting harder with each turn. How about this! You snickered to yourself and kept punching it. Meanwhile, Mac was already done with his training, since Doc let him train for a little bit rather than an hour or two.

    He casually passed by your room, only to come back to it and peek through to what you were doing. He would always watch you train without you nor Doc knowing once he was done with his training. He would always feel himself smi.

    View Gallery. He had just triumphed over Mr. Sandman, and seeing how he had clobbered all the other boxers to make his way to the top, that was no small feat.

    Little Mac was a mess. His face was unnaturally lumpy and purple, and his raven hair was a tangled rat's nest.